Is Your 5-11 Year Old Falling Behind In Class?

My Tutoring for You works with children aged 5-11 who are below age-related expectations and lack confidence to transform their learning experience so that they can become confident, motivated learners who are no longer experiencing overwhelm and frustration; giving you the peace of mind over their future education.

Want to know how your child can love learning again, believe in their own ability and confidently keep up with their peers in class?

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Have you been...?

  • Worrying about what will happen if the gaps continue to get bigger?

  • Overwhelmed because you don't know how to help your child?

  • Anxious about the negative impact struggling in school is having on your child's self-esteem?

Does your child...?

  • experience feelings of inadequacy and like they're not good enough?

  • struggle to keep up in class and not complete tasks?

  • seem unable to learn their spellings or times tables?

  • rely on their fingers to answer maths questions or use basic vocabulary in their writing?

  • get more crosses than ticks or score considerably lower in tests than their peers?

  • switch off or become overwhelmed when you ask them to do their homework and appear to not know what to do?

  • get the same targets each parents evening?

You've tried everything, yet nothing has worked!

You've spoken to your child's class teacher and raised concerns, but you've been told to just keep practising. Easier said than done...

You've spent night after night 'just' practising those times tables or spellings like your child's teacher told you to do. However, you may as well have been banging your head against a brick wall because nothing has gone in!

You've been a stickler for making sure your child reads every night, but it's painful for you both. They're bored of the same, limited books, yet despite being super consistent, it's not getting any easier and they're not moving up a book level - which causes more frustration as their friends are 'free readers'!

You've been back to speak to your child's class teacher AGAIN because you're seeing your child getting lost in a class of 30, but it's ok because 'they aren't the worst!' - now you feel more alone than ever!

You've bought workbook after to workbook for your child to do, app after app, but it was pointless because your child isn't going anywhere near them and you can't face the battle anymore!

I'm here to help...

Whether you're looking for a reading, writing or maths tutor, our tutoring sessions do more than narrow the gaps in your child's learning.


  • give your child the light bulb moments

  • bring your child's smile back

  • conquer the fear of getting questions wrong

  • boost your child's confidence

  • enable your child to keep up in lessons

  • create a sense of achievement for your child

  • make success a reality

You will only work with me , Zara Flight, the owner of My Tutoring for You.

Unless we work on your child's confidence, their lack of confidence will continue to hold them back, even into adulthood. Trust me - I was your child at primary school and I have to still fight to control my negative self-talk and to believe in myself and my capabilities!

That's why I help transform your child's mindset and confidence AS WELL AS teaching them the skills and knowledge they need to narrow their educational gaps.

When they start to believe in themselves, they begin to enjoy learning, be willing to make mistakes and push themselves out of their comfort zone to learn. And this is when they will truly flourish in school!

How it Works

Book a free consultation and we will discuss how I can support your child! This means I'll be finding out more than just their academic struggles. I want to know their interests and hobbies, their personality etc.

We make a plan of action that will get the best results! Our first session together will always be 1-2-1. This is so that I can identify your child's gaps, build a good rapport and ensure I can create a personalised plan for them.

They will become more confident, enjoy learning again and will grasp difficult concepts in a practical way. You'll receive feedback from your child's teacher about their improved confidence and their can-do attitude.


Hazel King

Zara has completely transformed my son from a 10 year old child who lacked so much academic confidence to an 11 year old who has passed all his year 6 SATS and is ready to take on the new challenges of secondary school in September. She has worked hard to make him believe in himself. Zara has a magic touch with children where she is calm and patient, pushes them to do better and progress at each session, and does not allow negativity. The positive change in my son has been remarkable. School have noticed a massive improvement in confidence, effort and achievement, with an excellent report at end of year 6. We are continuing on into year 7 with tutoring and now my daughter going into year 4 is starting with Zara too. Already she is working well for Zara and enjoying the 1 to 1 teaching.

Alison Lumgair

Zara has been tutoring my son for 6 months. After the last few years of interrupted learning we thought our son would benefit from a bit of extra support with his English and build on his Maths which he was already fairly confident with. The 11+ was not our end goal, so we questioned whether we should start tutoring or not, but after the first session to hear him say ‘I really enjoyed that’ we knew it was the right thing to do. Zara engaged our son every week, he grew in confidence and was for once willing to do work at home!! At the end of the academic year there was a noticed improvement in his school report which I have to give Zara the credit for. I would definitely recommend her.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online tutoring work?

Sessions online are almost identical to in-person sessions. The first session is an informal assessment session. This is where your child and I get to know each other and begin to build an invaluable rapport.

After that, sessions are a mix of learning and application. This means, I'll be teaching or further developing a concept, where your child will then get to practise. Even though sessions are online, your child will still be practically hands on. For example, moving manipulatives on the screen, using interactive resources and tools, playing games etc... Your child will then learn to apply what they have learnt to help embed the learning further.

Sessions rarely take place on the whiteboard alone. Your child will be fully engaged with activities.

BONUS: Your child will earn gems throughout the session, which they can then use at the end to buy things from the interactive playground. The best bit of the playground is that there is still learning inside. So whilst your child is exploring, they will find questions and activities based on the learning in the session. Children LOVE this feature and it improves motivation and engagement throughout the whole session.

Why do you tutor online?

Tutoring online provides endless amount of flexibility.

I get to put more focus on tutoring your child. Travelling to people's houses is time consuming and at the times I tutor, I'm often met with after school traffic and then rush hour which means a short journey takes considerably longer.

With online learning, I can help more children in that time I'd have been travelling and it doesn't matter where a child lives - I can now say YES. Whereas before, I was turning children away who lived outside a very restricted radius, despite them needing help from a tutor like myself who was able to meet their specific learning styles and needs. Because not all tutors are the same, nor are all tutors able to work with children who struggle!

Online tutoring can fit around your schedule. So often, sessions have been cancelled because grandparents were looking after the children that evening or because there was a family event. This no longer matters as our tutoring sessions can take place anywhere.

Another benefit to online tutoring is that sessions can be recorded, which means, your child can go back over sessions, watch key parts again and have more opportunities to practise.

Having access to endless amounts of resources, online activities and tools has a huge impact on the quality of sessions and engagement. If your child is struggling with an unexpected concept - it means we can work on it easily because we have a whole web of resources. Your child learns better when doing than being told. I was only able to carry so many resources with me when tutoring in person and when you're tutoring 4 children an evening, this becomes very limited for the amount of resources you can bring per child.

Do you ever offer in-person tutoring?

Yes, I do provide in-person tutoring.

I have very limited 1-2-1 tutoring slots available and these are usually booked out way before the new academic year begins. However, if a child lives very close to me, they are able to come to me or I can travel to them.

However, I love being with children and seeing them face-to-face and getting to enjoy fun and hands on sessions, which is why I also run the same online group sessions in-person too.

These are held in different locations throughout the week. Reading, writing and maths tutoring in Swanley and Northumberland Heath (Near Bexleyheath).

FAQ image

How long are sessions?

This is very much dependent on a range of things. For example, whether it's group or 1-2-1, how old your child is, what needs they have and how many subjects are being covered.

Sessions range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, they are typically 55 minutes learning with a 5 minute transition time.

The longer sessions do allow for breaks to ensure your child remains focused and engaged. In-person group tutoring sessions have snacks and a drink provided to help keep energy levels high after a busy day at school.

Feedback is given via WhatsApp voice notes/message or email. A call can be arranged if required.

FAQ image

How long will my child need tutoring for?

Typically, once parents start tutoring with me, they stay with me for the duration of their child's primary education.

This isn't to say they need it. It's often the children have come to love tutoring sessions and enjoy it that they continue to ask for it.

The rate of progress can vary. It will depend on how long your child has been struggling for, how low their confidence is, how behind they are, how quickly they grasp concepts.

Since I work with children who are struggling with confidence and have fallen behind, there are a lot of barriers to break down before your child will progress. For example, lots of children start tutoring sessions with me saying they hate learning, they hate school and they don't want to be there. Others start with me so anxious about getting questions wrong, they shrug their shoulders and are scared to answer questions.

This means every child will have a different starting point. However, you will start to notice changes even after the first session! We are playing the longer game.

It would be wrong of me to make bold promises and put time stamps on it!

But I've worked with children who have gone from getting 4 on a maths test to getting 14 in just 3 weeks. I've had children who have gone from getting 0 to 100% on a test in just a few months. I've also had children where it's taken longer to see any 'academic' progress, almost stagnant but then have suddenly jumped 2 book band levels and have now caught up to where they should be.

FAQ image

How much are tutoring sessions?

1-2-1 tutoring online or at my house is £45 a session. If you are close enough for me to travel then a travel cost will be added of £5.

  • This includes a 55-minute tutoring session and 5-minutes reward at the end of a session.

    Group tutoring (MAX 4 children per session) is paid on a half-termly basis at £35 a week

  • This includes a 55-minute weekly tutoring session online or in-person.

  • A snack and drink provided for in-person group tutoring sessions.

  • Two 20-minute 1-2-1 online feedback sessions in the middle and end of the half-term block.

  • Additional video tutorials, games and activities between sessions to keep momentum.

  • Access to homework support through video guidance.

  • All resources e.g. a copy of the text being used for reading and writing sessions for your child to keep.

Semi-private sessions can be arranged if you have multiple children, or know somebody else who would like to join your child.

FAQ image

What happens during school holidays?

During half-terms sessions can continue to take place on a 1-2-1 basis. During key times, group booster sessions are held which have a particular focus. These will be advertised on my Facebook Page.

However, during the summer holidays, it's important your child doesn't lose the consistency, but is also prepared for the next academic year. That's why I offer specially formulated summer tutoring programmes that enable your child to be ready for September.

Why choose My Tutoring for You

At My Tutoring for You we believe that every child deserves a chance to shine. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of young minds through engaging and effective tutoring in reading, writing, and maths.

There is never a boring textbook or worksheet in sight because our sessions involve interactive learning experiences that ignite a passion for knowledge and lead to success.

  • Online Convenience: Say goodbye to rushing through traffic! Our online group tutoring brings the classroom to your home, offering flexibility and convenience for busy schedules.

  • Expertise that Counts: My Tutoring for You is run by myself, Zara, who is dedicated to creating personalised learning plans tailored to each child's unique strengths and challenges. I have over 10 years experience of helping children who are struggling and have developed an approach that works.

  • Engaging Sessions: From virtual games to interactive quizzes, we make learning fun! Say goodbye to yawns and hello to smiles as your child explores the world of education in an exciting new way.

  • Small Group Dynamics: In our online group sessions, students benefit from collaborative learning environments where they can share ideas, ask questions, and grow together.

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